Current Need Very High for Graphic Designers

Published: 05th January 2011
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With a range of computer layout programs and graphics, graphic designers and graphic artists plot, analyze, and develop visual solutions to relay data from one group to a different group. Color, type, illustration, photography, animation, print and layout techniques are all used to effectively convey the necessary message in a manner that is clear and concise. Some graphic designers are employed by magazines, newspapers or other print media to produce and develop the overall look and feel of the printed piece.

Furthermore, they create displays for promotions, develop unique logos for firms and products, package up and promote brochures for services and products, create signs and sign systems, as well as producing interactive media, web sites, and even multimedia projects. With a particular design vision in mind, these graphic designers sketch or produce layouts to illustrate their ideas. Designers pick out sound, colors, artwork, photography, animation and technology along with other visual aspects of the project.

The arrangement and size of the design elements as they appear on the screen or page are another of the decisions the designer makes. They might make charts and graphs from information that's in articles and will talk with copywriters about content that might go along with the visual aspects of the project. A rich satisfaction often accompanies taking a job with few resources but great potential and reaching that goal which has been set so high.

Much of the training that a graphic artist receives will be on the job training, but taking advantage of internship and apprenticeship programs through their school can also give valuable insight into the various job requirements they are likely to encounter in the working world. Graphic artists will have to have a bachelor's degree in most cases, particularly for entry level and higher graphic design jobs, however certain entry level tech jobs might only ask for an associate's degree. A lot of universities, colleges and private design institutions offer graphic design degree programs for the fine arts.

The student of design will prepare his or herself with classes in printing techniques, commercial graphics production, computerized design, and design principles as well as classes which will help them work with content such as writing for business and marketing. Two and three year technical and professional schools offer associate degrees and certificate programs in graphic design as well. These schools generally offer a more focused schedule of training in the more technical elements of graphic design without the accompanying liberal arts material.

Often the deciding factor in whether a designer will be hired is his portfolio which is a collection of the artist's best work and shows what the designer is truly capable of. Some of the most important skills that are necessary for this career are: the ability to design on your own, the ability to deal with stress, and the possession of great communication and conflict resolution skills. Designers will also be required to know a lot about a number of computer programs that deal with graphic design.

Graphic design jobs are thought to grow at about the same rate as other jobs for until 2014 since demand for people with graphic design skills continues to grow from computer design firms, publishers and advertisers. However, competition for available jobs will be intense as many talented people are drawn to careers in graphic design. People who hold bachelor's degrees and are experienced with computer design programs, specifically the programs that deal with website design or animation, are going to have the greatest chances. The growing demand for web based sites, online visual arts programs, video and internet content will provide many of the graphic design job opportunities of the near future.

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